My Favorite Tips for Improving Your Squatting Technique

My Favorite Tips for Improving Your Squatting Technique


A common question about how to improve your squat by increasing your hips is whether or not the hips have to be externally rotated during the lift. As far as exercise goes, this is a very important thing to try and integrate into any regime. This is because if you rotate the hips out of alignment the entire lift will be compromised. The reason being that if your hips are out of line with the rest of the body and not inline, you won't be able to get the most out of your lift. In order to ensure that your body is working together properly while lifting weights, you need to ensure that the kettlebell is always in the front of your body. This will allow the front part of the body to drive the weight up and down the hips while providing support to the lower back.


It's important to understand that to optimally squat you need to be using the most efficient technique. To do this you need to focus on controlling the weight as you perform the exercise and to do so with excellent form. If your form is bad then you are going to end up cheating your own performance and you won't gain any real strength. To practice proper form, you can simply strap yourself onto a medicine ball and do some lunges while standing on a box. By standing on the box, you are more likely to engage all the muscles of your body and this will improve your strength greatly.


The second tip on how to improve your squat is to use a heavy weight with good form. The heaviest weight you can safely lift in each repetition is going to be at the top of your squat cue which is around sixty pounds. The squat cue is basically where your center of mass is located. To make sure that this area is not cheating you can perform the exercise with an empty barbell or you can perform it on a leg extension at the very top of your squat.


Your sticking point is an area of your technique where you will not be able to lift the most weight possible. This is usually where your form stops and you feel like you can't complete the movement. The most common way to improve your sticking point is to focus on locking your knees during the movement. The easiest way to achieve this is by having your legs extended outwards. You will also need to make sure that your back stays straight and your chest is parallel to the floor. Doing these things will ensure that you don't cheat your way into a better position and actually get into a better position to lift.


The final tip on how to improve your squat is to develop a really strong glute strength. The glute strength comes from your quads, which are the muscles that run up your hips and down your lower leg. You can do a standing toe raises exercise to develop your quads which should make a tremendous difference when it comes to developing strength in your legs. As you increase your strength in your quads you should notice that your squat becomes easier and your deadline becomes more difficult.


Your form during the deadlift and squat is going to determine whether or not you have a weak or strong squat lockout. If you practice bad habits or use the tips in this guide, you will find that it becomes much harder to improve your squat. In order to be successful at improving your technique, you need to eliminate bad habits and focus on good habits. While it may seem like a lot of work, there is no better way to develop a strong technique than to break bad habits and incorporate the tips you will learn in this guide into your daily life.

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