I've been meaning to post this for RuneScape

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To help player killing be potential I thought of RuneScape gold the idea. You can go into the wilderness go to the east where a peninsula is where by talking to Belgon that you can initiate a wilderness tournament. To prevent a massive group of buddies fighing together for free amor when you make a championship you will cover 5,000gp to begin it and when you launch it for 10 minuets all battle related NPC's in RuneScape will shout it and will supply free teleports. A maximum of 100 people per tournament.

When you struggle in this arena that you do not lose the items you carry instead when murdering individuals you'll gain Kill Points that can be traded through Belgon for weapons and armor. When you kill someone with less battle then youwill gain 1 point same with someone with same level as you. For every higher level you'll receive 1 point for the kill and the gap between your levels as additional.

Ok, I've been meaning to post this for awhile, even if I have already posted it, please close this topic. Anyways, wouldn't it be cool if your charcter revealed what damage wasa lately done ? Not understanding? You will. Let's state this ranger just hit me with with alot of arrows. I've got about 10 hp left. Imagine if you had arrows sticking to you? How cool would that look! I will explain all the remainder in a minute.

Additionally, I see the problem of hitpoints restoring. Since you hitpoints go upward, lets say u take 1/4 damage. You would appear with all the batle damage mildly. 1/2, would seem pretty awful. 3/4, you are in some serious pain guy!! 4/4, you're obviously dead (Duh). The following part will reveal the melee and mage consequences.

O Noes! I see the issues with some of the armor that makes you move shirtless ( I can't remember the title, I recall its barrows. Brasset?) You would obviously be looking with marks across your chest. Mage. Boy I had a difficult time. Let's say you're atted. You shall appear with buy 2007 runescape gold smoke ! The more reduction, the more smoke.

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