The thing is, you want to get to each of the castles

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In the horizon you find a lot of OSRS gold gray knights. A guard runs up and hits a one plus it decintagrates. They then set around him and kill him. Now its your turn to start cutting down ash knights. Claw is self explanetory and hits in an arc round in front of you. Fire goes in a straight line. Fly killls every knight around you by jumping into the air and crushing all. Claw is the quickest Fire is next fastest and fly only works when there are all knights around you.

There's also a speical which helps you move forward incredibly, you leap in the air travel around a bit, you chose where you proceed then slam into any monsters around you, thus killing anything beneath you, making that your main weapon for moving ahead because they swarm around you, making them incredibly devestating in the event that you get swarmed.

The thing is, you want to get to each of the castles and ruin the castle,thus destroying their respawn points. The most devestating thing is Ash dragons, in every castle you need to destroy them to possess the castle be destroyed. They've 100 hp but need to be little problems, it's the knights about him that are devestating.

When you destroy all the castles, the ash nighttime will begin spawning out of buy RS gold your castle, and you also discover the wise old man spawning them himself, so guess what? You gotta hurt him. Not kill him. Only half way, too east. He's 30 hp within this world so hit him down 15 hp and he'll be dead. Once he has half way, hell yell.

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