I just left the game as soon as the El Dorado event obtained

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THIS FUT Coins here was sooo great. I'd play with my favorites in supervisor mode, also it was the best fun I'd ever had. In case fifa could bring this back together with winners Celtics, cup tournaments in manager mode I'd pay $10 for this match. I ceased playing FIFA if they included all of those monies micro trades. Now I'm back because I miss playing FIFA but was quite disappointed on how multiplayer dependent it's been.

It was also nice that you can simply play and then not play with for 3 times and nothing whould happend, if you do this you cant get any players or rewards anymore and the remainder have a team of 120

How in 6 decades have they managed to go backwards I remember playing this game once I wad a child and they've ruined.

If I recall, we can substitute in game, because there was stamina and guys would get worn if you simply sprinted the entire time. In addition, if a player has a red card he would miss the next game. Commentary was fantastic too. I think perhaps the teams also switched ends at half. Surethe pictures were not so great but it was five years ago.

I just left the game as soon as the El Dorado event obtained announced, barely played, only wanted to have a look at this season, it's the same shit appearantly... I didn't play with FIFA 15, started with 17, Imo 18 was the last good season of FIFA Mobile, I just had enough, decent luck to people who want to continue...

You're giving me memories of my favorite sport fifa 14 no glitches fun to play playing with your favourite clubs it had everything ther today its just addicting to play with and same events everysingle season no changes to game only cards and thats itSomeone who performs H2H by just running with their fast wingers and produces spans with their own tall strikers. Plus they think they are proficient FIFA Mobile Coins for sale because of this

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