You know you encourage os with this particular mtx too?

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Now combat is really fun if needed and MTX can be ignored. Not only 5 minutes but like 2-4hours. Its so much fun. Last time I played with RS gold the combat was just"setup your activity bar like this and it'll automatically do everything for you". For outcome you want to use manual, although you have a chance if you would like to afk. I'm not saying it's. I am just saying it's not much more engaging. Cause at the time which was the optimal way or so I had been told. 6 months, atleast like. Plus it just got old. Hated in what I hear, the mtx that has gotten worse. And idk I feel like Runescape has only gone in a downward spiral.

I needed to appreciate RS3. Have you ever tried it now, although each have their views and respect them? It's gotten far better imo, I'm having a blast on my iron. It is attempting out it seems. It hasn't attempted. Logged onto it a few months back and was put off with the things that was newest. Been watching this one YouTuber attempt it out who is a OSRS participant. And idk Runescape appears like it could be entertaining, but also I don't wanna confirm that sort of mtx. Plus my acc for OSRS is my main for RS3 and that I would not wanna since I've a lot of progression on RS3 in my primary start a new one.

You know you encourage os with this particular mtx too? That is a valid point, although not that I want one to. And you do not need to. Bonds are a thing, make somebody else pay to associates and your mtx. And all of the mtx I would say you really need is action bars and bank space and that's it. Yeah but that's what, mtx is kinda necessary. I really don't wish to play that. I know jagex which then supports the mtx for RS3 is supported by playing OSRS. However, I don't beg t be about it and possess it impacting Runescapeplay around me. Idk I tried real hard to enjoy RS3 ago and that I had fun for a little until they just kept adding more time gated stuff that gave bonus xp and incentives to purchase keys.

I feel like it would be a game if they eliminate lots of OSRS Gold For Sale the scape mechanics and this mtx. But then some of that stuff could have changed since I played. And I feel like bonds are different concerning mtx. It offers the players who'd buy gold already a secure method that supports Runescape and assists time active players perform Runescape for free and have accounts without having to spend a lot of money.